A Letter from the Owners, June 16th 2021 – CHERRY CENTRAL!!!

Hi Root Cellar Community,

It’s Father’s Day this weekend. Rules are relaxing, BBQ’s will be firing up around the city, backyards will be noisy, and I find myself excited about all of the sounds and smells that getting to live a little louder will bring to our community. I am looking forward to making some mean brunch, going fishing with Adam and the boys, and I’ll be seeing my dad, for the first time in a long time.

Father’s Day for us this year, is about slowing down the Root-Cellar-Freight-Train for just a minute, or a day, as we barrel along with our new store project in Cook Street Village. Don’t get me wrong, we love a good train ride, particularly Adam, the conductor if you will (I’m more the one who yells ‘all aboard!’ while he does the heavy lifting of keeping things on the rails), but this train needs some fuel… and by fuel I mean we will be DND this weekend, and I cannot wait.

So BIG LOVE to all the daddies out there, here’s to keeping tanks full whatever your fuel may be!