A Letter from the Owners , July 8th 2020 – See you at the ‘hole in the wall’…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

We just sold a house. And if you’ve ever sold a house, you know that it’s when you quickly scramble to do all the improvements that you never bothered to do, couldn’t afford, or just never made time for. It’s exciting but defeating because you’re doing these things for someone else to enjoy. Every new home we live in, I vow NOT to do this; instead to fix it first, to make it ours, so we can enjoy the fruits of our efforts. And every new home we live in I fail. I’m not certain if it’s procrastination, or just poor prioritization, but something’s gotta give.

We do the same thing in our business, though here I like to blame TIME more than anything else. We had so many BIG, FUN ideas for The Root Cellar when we opened, many of which have come to fruition, but some that have just never made the cut. Largely because we’ve been racing to keep up with your voracious appetite for fresh local food. But excuses aside, we have Covid-19 to thank for shuffling priorities and bumping some ‘fun’ projects to the top of the list – in the name of improved form, function, health and safety.

We see your shoulders slump when you have to wait in ‘the big line up’ just to grab a coffee at The Coffee Project. And we thank you for doing it anyway.

We see you go without instead of just zipping to The Root Cellar to grab more green sauce, because it’s no longer worth the hassle to run an errand for just one item. And we thank you a) for staying home and b) for wishing you’d bought more green sauce last time.

We hear you ask again and again when the organic soft serve will be available once again, now that the sun is shining and summer is trying to show it’s face. And believe me we wanted to make it happen before now, but you know…

Because you’re loud (which we appreciate) and because we just sold a house that I fixed up too late to get to enjoy it myself, we’ve dusted off a project from the early days and made it happen.

Welcome to THE HOLE IN THE WALL at The Coffee Project where we are making your life easier, yummier and sunnier whilst kicking procrastination to the curb.

You now have TWO fun options when you arrive here:

1) THE BIG LINE (to the right) – that gets you an all access pass to all things Root Cellar! (The potting shed, all the green sauce your heart desires, coffee, flowers.. all of it!)

**OPEN 8am-8pm 7 days a week

2) THE SHORT LINE (to the left) for THE HOLE IN THE WALL – where you have access to your favourite Coffee Project bar drinks, yummy pastries (YES Yonni’s donuts!), our breakfast sandwiches, our ORGANIC SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM, and of course, we wouldn’t leave you without a shortcut to GREEN SAUCE.

**OPEN 7am-4pm 7 days a week

So here’s to doing it NOW instead of leaving it for later & here’s to having soft serve at 7am if you want to!