A Letter From the Owners, July 29th, 2021 – Here for the savouring…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

Time is flying by as we race towards opening in Cook Street Village, and it has me feeling nostalgic. I have this ‘if I blink I’ll miss it’ feeling, like we say about our kids, so I’m trying to be mindful of savouring the good, and even the bad (don’t ask me about our flooring) because I know we’ll laugh about it soon.

We had our second son when our eldest was in Kindergarten. It was glorious timing as our ‘big boy’ was chomping at the bit for freedoms. He got to help more around the house, was granted complete control of clothing choices (as long as it was clean), and we let him start packing his own lunch, but mom had to approve it first.

If you have kids, you know about those moments when you go ‘Ohhhh, this is who you are, it’s so nice to meet you!’ The first day he packed his own lunch, he merchandised it neatly in a row on the kitchen counter for my approval. He had an entire long english cucumber, some ‘squirelly bread’ cut into fingers, and a small tupperware containing balsamic vinegar and olive oil, for dipping his bread. And I think there was a hard boiled egg and a granola bar. So THIS was who he was, he was the child of grocers. He was quite likely going to be the kid teased for his weird lunch, but I couldn’t have been more proud. He knew what he liked (and it didn’t cross his mind to impress anyone but his momma).

This very same boy just turned 23, and though he flew the nest long ago, he’s here working with us as we create our new store at Oxford Corner. And we are still learning who he is. Having him by our side for this project, we’re learning that he’s excited about this place like we are, he grinds like we do, he dreams big, and he still packs funny lunches (sometimes, just chick peas? And he’s that guy eating car-charcuterie in the back parking lot many days, you’ve probably seen him).

I remain proud, and I’m here for the savouring.