A Letter from the Owners, July 29th 2020 – Lovely…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

When we opened The Root Cellar 12 years ago, we were very excited to be interviewed by the Times Colonist for an article they ended up calling ‘Family Market Bucks Trend,’ because we had opened our market during a financial recession, but flourished. We were sleep deprived young parents of 3 small boys who didn’t even know what a day off looked like. I recall the nervous excitement of the interview, but afterward while reflecting on how it had gone and all of the things I wished I’d said, Adam said ‘I think you said ridiculous about 100 times.’

I have since learned about myself that this is just how I roll. I have favourite words, and when I’m excited, I say ridiculous a lot. When I’m stressed I don’t have to tell you the language I backslide to ( I was swearing a LOT for a few months there). And when I’m good, like really really good, content, warm, happy, GOOD, I used the word lovely a lot.

I may love the word, but I don’t throw lovely around, I only say it if I really mean it. If you ask me how I am and I say ‘fine’ or ‘good’, then I might be blowing smoke. But If I say I’m lovely, you know that I AM in fact feeling lovely.

I have found myself saying lovely a LOT lately, and I don’t think it’s only because of this glorious weather. I think I actually mean it more. And I think Covid deserves thanks for this. I think that I see more clearly, I think that I have much more gratitude, I think my priorities have shifted, and my values have strengthened.

Behind the Covid clouds, there is so much loveliness, it’s a bit ridiculous once you start looking. I hope you can see yours.