A Letter from the Owners, July 22nd 2020 – Momma Bonnie…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

Momma Bonnie isn’t happy with us.

Whatever revelling in summer has looked like for you, we are being asked to do better. I hear a lot of condemnation of ‘those people’ that don’t make the effort we judge to be appropriate, but if ALL of US people reeled it back in a bit, we would ALL be better off and with almost no effort at all. The energy it takes to criticize others can so easily be channeled into leaning back into the habits we all developed but have lightened up on (a bit too much apparently).

At the Root Cellar nothing has changed, our expectations of you remain the same, as do our expectations of our team. Our plexi stays up, our buggies still get sanitized, our customers still get counted. The precautions that you’ve grown accustomed to are still here for you to ensure your comfort and safety, but are not licence to take it easy as is so so so tempting.

Right now we’ve gotten a gentle scolding, lets pull up our socks so we don’t get grounded for not listening the first time.

Thanks Bonnie; I for one am grateful for the nudge to stay vigilant.