A Letter from the Owners, July 14th 2021 – Bursting with BC Summer Berries…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

I am loving this glorious summer we are having, and the amazing growing season that’s come with it.

I am loving this quest we’ve undertaken to find leaders to embark on this ‘new store journey’ with us. Meeting you all, filling our nest with people excited to fly, is my favourite thing in the world right now.

I love that food-loving-humans are reaching out to be part of this thing that means so much to us, because it’s meaningful to them too.

I love that it’s impossible to eat too many BC Berries, and that NOW is the time of year, in case you want to try.

I love that the new store at Oxford Corner in Cook Street Village is so close I can almost taste it.
**hold your horses – target is LATE FALL, but she’s going to be tasty!

I love writing short little letters to you about things that make me happy.