A Letter from the Owners, January 6th 2021 – Stop the Presses! Our brand new Citrus Crush (and soon to be yours!) is here…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

As much as I love a good food holiday, and as much (more) that I love that peaceful week between Christmas and New Years (we just slept, ate and hiked in the rain… a largely successful attempt to fill the empty 2020 tanks), I am excited for this week and this year.

Our kids are back in school, and I welcome the routine that it brings. The weather is dreary, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much, as I put my head down and plow into 2021.

This year feels infinitely do-able.

Our Covid fluency is high as we navigate what is hopefully it’s grand finale, we will open our new store in Cook Street Village (late in the year), and we will all become a year older, hopefully in good health and good spirits.

My intention is only to step into 2021 with my head + my optimism high, I am here for whatever it brings. And if I close this new year in good health with my family around me, I will have all that I need.

Infinite appreciation to each of you that stood by us last year during such a tumultuous time for all businesses (and humans). The efforts you made with your shopping habits, your warm words and your sincere humanity made this past year extremely meaningful for us, and made the growth it brought quite cherished.

Voting with your fork has never been more important or impactful; and our community held their forks high.


I am feeling fresh, and if I cross your path I hope to leave it brighter.

Daisy (+ Adam)