A Letter from the Owners, January 20th 2021 – Warm up this Winter with Savoury Stews!

Hi Root Cellar Community,

We mentioned in the chaos of Christmas that we had welcomed two new general managers to The Root Cellar Family. Two General Managers, as by the end of this year with the stars aligned, we will have TWO STORES!

Joseph & Paul, who each hail from quite different backgrounds bringing complimentary skills to our team (Joseph: Large scale natural foods retail management & Paul: Large scale natural foods wholesale & floral wholesale operations), are fitting right in, soaking it all up, and are already making waves that we are excited about.

As this year will bring the opening of our new store, and our GM’s are getting settled, we are about to dive headlong into filling leadership roles for the new location. Having the opportunity to onboard and train these additions to our team at our current store is an advantage we didn’t have when we opened our little store on McKenzie Corner 13 years ago, and we are so ready to get rolling! Tell your friends, tell your kids, tell your neighbours, tell your crossing guard, tell your dog groomer… We are looking for experienced and energetic, food loving customer service enthusiasts to open our new store with us in Management Roles.

** Not to worry we will be filling ALL roles as our dates creep closer, feel free to reach out if you’re interested!

We look forward to meeting you, and to growing our team!

Daisy & Adam