A Letter from the Owners, February 3rd 2021 – The New Superbowl: A Party-For-Few…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

I had so much to say, but THE SUN IS SHINING and now everything looks and feels different. It feels better. I have such appreciation, amongst the long dark days of winter, for these glorious bursts of sunshine. For the obvious reasons, but particularly for the observation that everything looks better, is more do-able, and less daunting ‘with sunshine on it’. So I stand reminded that everything IS do-able, if you look at it the right way… Brightly.

One more sunset means one day closer to the Super Bowl, if you’re into that. Super Bowl won’t be bringing us crowded couches this year, but it can still bring us guacamole, wings, and all of the other snax that elevate ‘watching TV’ into a cherished event. Remember, we can still make it an event, and we can still cherish it, we can still crush those hot wings; just not in the company we’ve been accustomed to.

Because it will be different that doesn’t have to make it worse. Just look at it brightly, imagine it with sunshine on it. Plan your party-for-few, cherish it for what it is (nobody will see you get guacamole on your shirt, and YOU get the last hot wing), and consider how many fewer greasy handprint stains there will be on your couch this year.