A Letter from the Owners, February 24th 2021 – The Little Market That Could…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

When we opened our market 13 years ago, she was a tiny wee thing. Our big-picture-dream was to run a viable business that we were proud of. We weren’t on a mission to ‘take Victoria by storm’, we just wanted to open a little market that aligned with our values and provided the community with access to beautiful locally grown & made food.

And now here we are, our little market isn’t so little anymore, and she has a big brother in the works (Cook Street Village here we come!), but what matters is that we’re still proud, and what we do every day still aligns with our values. She will always be ‘our little business’ at heart, no matter how big she gets.

What we didn’t anticipate as our baby grew, was how enthused the community would be, not only about what we were selling in our business, but about how we were going about running it. We remain incredibly touched by how personally bought in and supportive this city has been.

A reminder of your Root Cellar enthusiasm that we weren’t expecting but were tickled to receive was our recent nomination for The Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Persons Of The Year award. Nomination (and the heart-warming support letters we received from so many of you) was honour aplenty, but we have just learned that we are FINALISTS for this award, and we are flabbergasted.
We are in good company with some of our fellow food-scene-friends as finalists in other categories – best of luck to Dumpling Drop & The Rainbow Kitchen!

So much GRATITUDE for this community that rallies behind its entrepreneurs and small businesses, and creates a business culture where the owners of a business like ours are held in the necessary esteem to qualify for an honour like this.

**Also, thank you for the opportunity to use the word FLABBERGASTED!

Daisy & Adam