A Letter from the Owners, December 2nd 2020 – Change is ‘really’ in the air and yes, it’s going to be delicious!

Well, there’s no turning back now!

We have taken possession of the space occupied for generations by Oxford Foods in Cook Street Village, and with keys in hand we embark on the long journey of making it our own, whilst honouring the legacy of what came before us.

Having stood essentially alone here on McKenzie Corner for 12 years, we are beyond excited for our second location to be part of a vibrant commercial community & business corridor and look forward to the myriad of ways that we can complement each other, and enhance our (soon to be) shared customer’s experience of a visit to ‘the village.’


Daisy & Adam

As our project at Oxford Corner moves along we will be collecting community feedback, and will be sharing tidbits & trivia as things progress – keep an eye on our social media for the posts below to keep your finger on the pulse of this project!