A Letter from the Owners, December 16th 2020 – What do YOU need this Christmas?

Hi Root Cellar Community,

Ready or not, here it is! Covid-Christmas is upon us, and although our opportunities for getting merry this holiday are limited, and our traditions will be forever changed, we’ve never collectively deserved a celebration quite like we do this year.

In our industry, we are heading into the biggest food holiday of the year. We work harder the week before Christmas than most others in the year, and then we rush home to baking and gift wrapping, and lots of kids and house guests, which we love immensely….. but we often come out the other side of Christmas exhausted. Elated, but exhausted.

When we head home on Christmas Eve this year, we look forward to this holiday being a slow one that brings us space to replenish our personal resources, and space too for a little magic to creep into the new ways we will celebrate.

We wish you a restorative Christmas filled with beautiful meals + magical memories. And may we each find meaningful and creative ways to connect with the loved ones we can’t be with.

Daisy & Adam

When I grew up I was always going to be an artist, or a creator of some kind, there was never a doubt. I just had creativity that needed somewhere to go. Fast forward and here I am, a Green Grocer? If you shop here you can tell that I am managing to get some of my creativity out, though unconventionally via The Root Cellar. And if you’re reading this, you’re experiencing a bit more.

When I was asked to write a column for EAT Magazine a few years ago, I jumped at the opportunity for another outlet. The column was about produce, so that was easy, and safe. Writing these newsletters this year has increased both my bravery and my satisfaction however – a pleasant surprise.

So it is with both delight and a bit of reservation that I introduce you to my NEW column in EAT Magazine: ENTHUSIASTIC EATS. It’s a little less about broccoli, and a little more about the things that light me up; the values of meal time, the communities we build around food, and the relationships that bring meals to our tables. My dream is that maybe I light a few sparks out there, but I’ll settle for a bit of curiosity.