A Letter from the Owners, August 26th 2020 – Savouring the flavour of Summer…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

The summer of staycations is coming to a close, the local corn is here, the fields are full of pumpkins, and Okanagan Apples are in abundance. This is how our family honours the passing of the seasons, we pass the torch from the fresh flavours of peaches and berries to the comforting flavours of squash, apples and brussels sprouts. But as the days get shorter, and labour day approaches we are currently in full throttle SAVOUR mode.. . must…. eat… more… peaches.

Savouring is definitely what our summer has been all about. Savouring meals at home prepared together, savouring time with those close to us, savouring this beautiful place we live and all of the magical places we have been able to revisit, having not left the Island since January.

In March we cancelled a much looked forward to family holiday. I felt robbed by this pandemic. Me & my first world problems resented not being able to go create memories. This spring my family’s memories were chosen for us by this pandemic and merely flavoured by our actions.

But this summer at home, I knew better than to make any big plans, this year we rolled with the punches, we explored our island, we spent time with those dearest to us. We kayaked and hiked, we explored and relaxed, we fished and we feasted. I feel like we got to enjoy the very best of planet earth, right here. I found myself parroting to our kids when they dared to complain that ‘people would travel around the world to get to do this, to get to be here, WHERE YOU LIVE EVERY DAY.’

Our summer was anything but the write off I expected. It was pure magic.

We have just partnered with a little-big company that I love to my bones, founded here in Victoria by a friend of ours. Because this is what they do, they capture your magic. Flytographer exists because Nicole believes that experiences have more value than stuff, that the look on your face when your child sees their first waterfall is worth more than a souvenir, and that at the end of the day we aren’t our possessions we are our experiences.

This travel company has been deeply wounded by Covid as you can imagine, but here’s what I wonder. What is more worthy of capturing than THIS summer, this unforgettable season of finding new ways to find joy right here at home? For this reason we have collaborated for a little Instagram giveaway… we are asking you to take us along on your adventures in savouring HOME. Capture our iconic Root Cellar jute tote on your staycation during these last weeks of summer and have the opportunity to win a Flytographer session capturing you, savouring the season ahead at home. Read on, for all the details are below and of course, on our Instagram page too.

Enjoy your last stretch of this unforgettable season. I’ll be over here savouring my last tastes of summer and celebrating our first flavours of fall.