A Letter from the Owners, August 19th 2020 – Because we can…

Hi Root Cellar Community

The seas are getting a bit choppy out there, and the saying that ‘we are all weathering this storm on the same ocean but on different boats’ is really resonating.

We are reminded how lucky we are to be on this island – our ‘boat’ is weathering the storm quite well.
We are grateful to have fresh air.
We are grateful to have OPTIONS.
We are grateful to have resources.
We are grateful to have access to information, to facts, and to informed opinions.
We are grateful to have thoughtful policies and procedures.
We are grateful to be an independent business that can make decisions based on what we believe is the best interest of our team and our community.
We are grateful to have a team that gets behind our passion for both community and for kindness.
We are grateful to control what we can and honour what we can’t.

And because we have options, when so many don’t…
This week we are #maskingup.

You will now see 100% of Root Cellar Team Members in masks, in the best interest of everyone, until such a time that our efforts are not needed.

Because there are so many who HAVE TO wear masks for their health & safety, we are exercising our liberty to wear masks BECAUSE WE CAN.

Some of our team are hot under there, some of our glasses keep fogging up, some of us get sore ears, but ALL OF US are happy to do the right thing.