A Letter from the Owners, August 12th 2020 – Recharging…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

We stepped back for a week and it was LOVELY.

Recharging took a very different tone for us this year. We stayed on the Island of course, and aside from reserving restaurants we planned nothing. Covid has taken so much of our energies over the past few months that the idea of having no pressure at all on our time, was exhilarating.

We had absolutely no agenda. We gave ourselves permission (it was hard) to do nothing at all some days. I stopped reading a book after the 2nd chapter because I just wasn’t into it. We left the dishes for the morning. We let our kids eat junk food. We drank tea out of beautiful old tea pots in charming gardens that reminded me of my childhood. We binge watched ‘Alone’ (highly recommend) at night with our little one. We ate a lot of lovely food. Together.

The only expectation I had of our time away was to fill the kids’ ‘vaults’. You see I have this theory, that all of the experiences that we create for them with such good intentions, that they gripe and complain about now, will be there in their memory-vault waiting for them to appreciate later in life, when they mature and realize how lucky they were to have parents who made them go hiking, made them go fishing, made them help cook dinner, made them hold hands with us on walks… you know you do it too. I sure hope I’m right, as for now I’m just ‘that mom’. But I’ll take it because I get to hold their hands, and play silly games and go on hikes.

(What they don’t know is that it fills my vault too. For later, when there might be a pandemic and I may need a dose of…’this ain’t so bad because my life is amazing’ .)

PS: Local figs are here! I can never leave for long this time of year as I’ll miss the next amazing new summer crop…