A Letter from the Owners, April 6th 2020 – Easter is coming…

Hi Root Cellar Community

We skipped St Patrick’s Day, and April Fools (well, that one appears to have an indefinite extension), but if you have kids, you’re probably not getting away with an Easter cancellation.

Having more on the plate than we already have as we juggle new & different employment demands (or lack thereof), as well as support our kids’ new distance learning requirements, and adjust to life as we now know it, is the last thing we all want or need.


What if we let Easter be a happy distraction? Can Easter be a ‘normal day’ having not had one in ages? It’s already a day that we spend with family, connecting, eating, and generally at home. Our families are all by now adjusting to new norms, and expectations are lowered, so what if we knock Easter out of the park and show our kids what a holiday should really be about. Let’s let their distance learning this weekend be about values, about how to make carrot cake, maybe try a new spin on dyeing Easter Eggs, add a board game and a splash of chocolate, and you’re sure to have a winner.

Our circumstances may lead us to new family traditions that we never could have imagined. Let’s let Easter teach us a thing or two.

XO Daisy