A Letter from the Owners, April 29th 2020 – Won’t you be my neighbour?

Hi Root Cellar Community,

I may be suffering from acute isolation envy, but I also acknowledge how much I am enjoying my evenings with my family at home. We have three teenage athletes at home, and our evenings home together as a family are typically scarce due their various and excessive, now cancelled commitments. Due to longer work days, our dinners tend to be later (‘European style!’ says our spanish exchange student who loves eating at 8pm) but I can say that we have probably only missed ‘family dinner’ together 2 times in the past 6 weeks, which is probably a lifetime record for this household.

The thing about staying home, or ‘being home’ whether it’s during the day or the evening is that we get to appreciate our surroundings. Not just where you call home, and who you share it with, but the neighbourhood where we have built our nest.

We have been gifted quieter evenings home, and thus greater opportunity to get to know our neighbours. We knew we had lovely people next door, but our over the fence chit chat had been fairly limited until global pandemic. When we were building our house three years ago, sweet M & M suggested we put in a gate between our properties, an ‘Alice Gate’ to be exact. A gate that our kids could zip through when they throw a ball over the fence, or for when I need to borrow some eggs. A clear indicator that we had a couple of gems next door, but our gate has been relatively unused (mostly opened to put an escaped dog back where it belongs on occasion), until now.

We aren’t just practicing what we preach, we are preaching what we practice. Bringing home groceries for M & M was of course a natural evolution of our limited relationship, given our circumstances. Grocery drop offs warmly rewarded by home baking and thank you notes, baking acknowledged with some extra veggie starts, those repaid with some fresh cut garden flowers, followed by a paella dinner drop off, then oh look, fresh baked cookies…then a bottle of home made wine… this back and forth through the Alice Gate is my new favourite thing.

If you haven’t scratched that kindness itch – give it a shot, it’s pure gold. Neighbourliness is making my world go round, and my heart skip a beat. I love it and I want it for everyone.