A Letter from the Owners, April 1st 2020 – Getting to know you…

Hi Root Cellar Community

I am so very much loving all that I am learning about our customers these past few weeks. I have had the opportunity to connect with so many more of you than usual, and am fascinated and endeared by all that you’re teaching me about yourselves.

I have learned that you are happy to stand outside in the rain for a few minutes in order to ensure physical distancing is upheld in our store.

I have learned that you sincerely care about The Root Cellar, our team, and how we’re holding up right now.

I have learned that you’ll go out of your way to support all of the small local makers & growers that we need to support through these trying times.

I have learned that even though money might be tight right now, you still appreciate good cheese, a chunk of chocolate & green sauce.

I have learned that even though you may be having some variation of a bad day, that you look forward to being here, like we do.

And I have learned that whether it’s because you’re self isolating or maybe a bit stressed, you need to take care of yourself, so you either head to the garden, or you bake.

There are a few things that we pledged we would never carry at The Root Cellar. Lotto tickets, cigarettes, items containing MSG, certain brands….. and refined white sugar. But here we are. You all clearly NEED to bake. And we promised to have your back, so the sugar is on the shelf (temporarily), along with big shipments of flour, yeast, chocolate chips… all the things you need to soothe your soul.

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you. May you bake to your heart’s content, hopefully with those you love, and enjoy an extra cookie because you deserve it.


  • Most importantly only bake delicious things. If you find healthy things delicious that’s great. But if it doesn’t make you sneak to the kitchen in the night, then don’t bother.
  • Begin by washing your hands.
  • Music must be playing. I’m into spanish music right now…
  • Wine in hand is an essential, it could also be tea.
  • Kids if you have them definitely increase the chaos and the joy factor.
  • Don’t sweat it if you burn the cookies. Just eat the top off, you’re in isolation, nobody can see you.
  • Make a big batch, share with neighbours or strangers, we can build community from a distance.