A Letter from the Owners, April 14th 2021 – Do you play favourites?

Hi Root Cellar Community,

It’s kind of like choosing your favourite child. IMPOSSIBLE. But some
days, it’s conceivable. When your teenager swears at you, are they REALLY equally your favourite in that moment?

I’ve been struggling with this lately. Not with my three boys, but
with my condiments. My Root Cellar Babies…

You see there’s GREEN SAUCE, our first, our pride and joy, the one
who’s always impressing everyone, she does show off a bit sometimes.
And then there’s MEAN SAUCE, definitely always in the shadow of his
older sibling, too polite to make a big scene, but MEAN SAUCE is
growing a spine, I think we need to watch out for him. MEAN SAUCE has had a little tune up, and he’s not so quiet anymore. He’s got a little more tang and a little more zip, and he wants to be invited to
the party. Mean Sauce isn’t just the wing man anymore, he wants to be the star of the show, and he may just deserve it.

SO, here in lies my conundrum. Green Sauce has had a LOT of love,
she’s been around for longer, she’s a bit of a celebrity. I think it’s
only fair to give Mean Sauce a moment in the sun? I’m not ashamed to
say it (just don’t tell Green Sauce)… I dip a lot of things, in a
lot of dips, and lately, my hand has been going MEAN. But I will
always, always have a place in my heart for GREEN.

Where does your heart lie?