A Letter from the Owners, April 13th 2020 – Foraged favourites…

Hi Root Cellar Community,

Easter weekend was all about practicing normalcy for us. Forcing the motions of easter egg hunts (even though our kids are too big for it), decorating eggs (picture 16 & 18 year old boys if you want a giggle), gardening together and a big Easter meal. These normalcies were the reminder that we needed, that ‘normal’ isn’t about what’s out there, but what’s in here. That normal is what we decide, whether it be turkey & scavenger hunts or nachos & sweat pants.

Life goes on whether Covid-19 is along for the ride or not. So many of us are caught in the fight/flight/freeze that any grand disruption of life is sure to bring on, but this weekend and the gorgeous weather that came with it was the reminder that I needed that spring is here and life is still happening; in the garden, in here, and out there.

I see my rhubarb growing, my seedlings sprouting, and my kids getting taller, and am reminded that I’m growing too. As we celebrate local rhubarb, fiddle heads & brassica shoots on the Root Cellar shelves, I also look forward to a new version of myself that this season of such change will bring. I am mindful of both not expecting too much of myself, and of making the most of the moments that remain ‘up to me’. Though they may be scarce right now, these moments are my motivation.

Some of the things I treasure filling these moments with are my
family, meals together, reading, writing, gardening, nature and
sometimes it’s trashy novels and netflix and choosing my dog over

Here’s to spring, to sunshine, and to the moments we DO have.