It’s Turkey Time!


Whilst we enjoy the last few days of summer sunshine our thoughts are already turning to crisp mornings, autumn leaves and the bounty that is the fall harvest, all in perfect time for Thanksgiving.

Our Locally Raised Free Range Birds are from Ireland Farms here in Saanich. These naturally raised turkeys are grain fed, they receive no added hormones or antibiotics and are completely free range.  $4.69/lb

Our BC Raised Free Run Birds are from five generation family run Rossdown Farms, and are also grain fed.  Following successive generations of poultry expertise Rossdown now handles all aspects of its farm from eggs and chicks to turkey feed and preparation. $3.99/lb

Pop in to book your bird at the tills or give us a call at 250-477-9495 ext. 228. Deposit required. Locally smoked and raised hams are also available!

Pepper Pickling!

Hot pepper season is in full swing – look at all these beauties in the store right now.  It couldn’t be easier to pickle your favourite pepper for a little warmth (well – dependent on your pepper choice, it’s feasible the word ‘fiery inferno’ may be more apropos here!) throughout the winter season ahead.

Click here or the image below for a step by step recipe to super simple refrigerated pickled peppers – feel free to slice or halve just one or perhaps several varieties, and add garlic and spices with abandon. Pop a lid on it and you’re done. Try something new this month and get your pickle on!