January 2016
We are so proud to present The Root Cellar’s own fresh cheese curds! Made by hand using BC milk and a few simple ingredients – add their creamy squeaky goodness to salads, soups, pastas, and of course poutine!

cheese curds with lead

Our bulk department is getting even better! We’re adding more bins and we want to know what products you’d like to see. Please email any suggestions to communicate@therootcellar.ca and stay tuned for some awesome new additions!

bulk suggestions
Presenting a new locally made product on THE ROOT CELLAR shelves – Fatso Hybrid Peanut Butter! Nutritionally dense peanut butter is pumped up with the added healthy benefits of 5 superfats, protein and prebiotic fibre-a compound that promotes the growth of pro-biotic bacteria and digestive well-being!

fatso peanut butte
First of the  season TULIPS have arrived at The Potting Shed! Spread a little sunshine with a few colourful bunches and remind yourself that yes, Spring is coming!


Have you tried… CACTUS PEAR? This fantastical fruit is a sweet treat on its own (reminds us of watermelon bubblegum-yum) but really shines in syrups and tastes great in everything from jams & jellies, to cocktails to a zippy vinaigrette!
Click here for more information on how to prepare and enjoy fresh cactus pear!

have you tired cactus pearcactus pear viniegrette